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So what is it about? For quite some time I learned how to play a few instruments and eventually together with someone else I had the first few public appearences. But most of the stuff we played was just covering other songs and I kind of wanted to create my own songs and tracks. I didn’t really try to sing quite some time and even now I think instrumental tracks can also be cool. Of course songs are in general just more popular and have more meaning and stuff, which is why I also currently have a few in the works. But let’s see how that one turns out.

Since I kind of want to have a fresh start again, I deleted most or all of my old tracks in soundcloud. So you gotta wait, I guess. Someday I may even submit something to Spotify. But since I*m indeed a boring perfectionist, that actually may take till 2028. But at least I recently had my first real solo performance at a local street festival near Munich. And lucky you I put togetether a compilation of remarkable clips and put in on Youtube. Just for you.

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