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Yeah, you guessed right. FOURFIVE is not my real name. But the Beach Boys’ parents probably also didn’t singlehandedly name each and every one of their golden ones like that. But I needed at least something to separate all the music I make from other things I do. And so it is FOURFIVE. It used to be FOURFIVEDREAMS a while ago, but since that’s way too long for fan shirts, I just decided to shorten it, result being: that no one will ever find me on Google again. So why all the capital letters? Cause it looks way cooler. But what exactly is FOURFIVE then? Me going solo. Not that I had a band in the past. But going solo sounds too cool to be left unsaid. Or unwritten. Plan to properly release more on streaming services in the future, check Soundcloud for new stuff till then.

And yeah, the fifth Beatle in the picture is me. Time travel’s real.

So what is it about? For quite some time I learned how to play a few instruments and eventually together with someone else I had the first few public appearances. But most of the stuff we played was just covering other songs and I kind of wanted to create my own songs and tracks. I didn’t really try to sing for quite some time and even now I think instrumental tracks can also be cool. Of course songs, in general, are just more popular and have more meaning and stuff, which is why I also currently have a few in the works. But let’s see how that one turns out.


Since performing live is fun most of the time, I started to. I’ll add future performances right here, as soon as I know.


Since I kind of wanted to have a fresh start again, I started fresh again, deleted most or all of my old tracks online. But it already started. Someday I may even submit something to Spotify. But since I*m indeed a boring perfectionist, that actually may take till 2028. But at least I recently had my first real solo performance at a local street festival near Munich. And lucky you, I put together a compilation of remarkable clips [not a team of remarkable people] and put in on Youtube. Just for you.

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  1. ewegomumo ewegomumo

    just came over from TikTok, actually also listened to a few episodes of your podcast.

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