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Everyone needs a good steel string. So this is mine. Gotta admit, that I didn’t really find my version or model, so maybe only similar stuff.

Fender GA-45SCE Grand Auditorium Acoustic Electric Guitar w/ Case | eBay

This is my main guitar. Didn’t find it in new. Only this eBay version, which is refurbished. It’s a really good guitar. Completely new it cost around 300-400 I guess. It’s been in use for 6 to 7 years and it’s still in great shape – as it should be. If you treat your guitar well, I should never brake just from using it properly. The thing that used to annoy me and still does: there are two different systems of holding the strings in place with acoustic western guitars. And this one is with pins. The thing is: these plastic pins jump out all the time, cause the traction they cause is just to low. What you really want for changing your strings is the second system: where you just plug in the end of your string to the holding mechanism. The strings have a small piece of metal at the end and this is what holds them in place. So when it comes to changing the strings: the pin system is just not great at all.

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Fender Road Worn Strap – Deluxe Distressed Brown Leather with Tooled Road Worn Logo

I have a different one. But didn’t find it out there. But this one looks pretty dope.

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Jim Dunlop Dunlop 37083002001 83CB Acoustic Trigger Capo, Curved, Black

Got this one. But it isn’t good, cause the doesn’t always press the strings all the way down.

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Planet Waves Capo CP04NS

This capo is just dope. It’s the best i own.

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