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Some time ago I found this very useful site called Kit, which basically allows you to link all kinds of stuff and create lists with all kinds of stuff. So since I already knew, that I eventually wanted to start my website I just used it as a playground. The cool thing is, that you can describe every item on its own and then create kits, which are collections of items combined in one collection. So, since I wasn’t productive with writing just yet, I thought I would just embed my now old kits here.

Everything can be found in a neat package on

But decided to just post them here again, since this might be easier to read. Or maybe not.


You got the instruments. You got the software. You got ideas. And there is only one really clean and simple way to bend reality towards your ideas: It’s called looping. It’s fast, it’s clean. It is the most fun you will ever have making music. You can basically plug in anything and record short or longer phrases, that you then: put on loop. Which allows you to sound like a band. But without a band.


BOSS Multi Effect Processor (RC-300)

If you are really serious about looping, there are only three options: If you are Ed Sheeran like serious, then your only option is a custom made board, most of them have an android tablet or a full-blown pc built-in. Pricing accordingly. Ed Sheeran, the master looper himself has a custom looper, called ‘Cheewie’, which is based originally based on this looper: the Boss RC 300. The big advantage of this one: It’s all for your feet. Meaning, you can use your hands to play and sing. The big bummer: Only three loops. In Short, this is the best live looper on the market. The best production looper is one with 5 separate loops: Boss RC 505. Big Bummer: You either have to use your hands all the time, or you gotta buy, use, and especially bring a pedalboard, working as a midi controller for the RC 505 with you. Which isn’t the best choice for traveling, like ever. My Choice: the RC 300, cause I can use it live, it’s the complete package, it’s robust, you cannot lose connection when trying to connect your midi controller, you only got one device for looping. What’s your choice?


Collection of my tuners.

Mugig Tuner Clip-on Tuner for Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Violin, Chromatic Tuning,Large Clear Colorful LCD Display (38% Greater View),Calibrate

This one replaces my old Harley Benton tuner. And for around 6 bugs it’s quite good. In terms of long-term use, I can’t say that much, because I don’t have it that long.

This was in good use for years and years. Maybe 15? Until the contact with the battery began to not contact the battery anymore. I tried lots of things, but the issue stayed. So now it’s trash.


One harp to rule them all.

HOHNER Blues Harp Ms – Key Of A

This is my main and best one. The Key of A: works for blues in E if you play the blues scale. You can also use it for playing straight in A.

Swan Harmonica Set of 12. 10 Hole, 20 Tone Diatonic Blues Harp Harmonicas – Plays in 12 Keys. Chromed Silver & Black. Comes with Luxury G

Let’s be honest: You need different harps in different keys, if you don’t wanna limit yourself to one key. So this set covers almost everything. Of course, if the whole set is as cheap as a single MS Hohner, the quality of the sound could be suffering. And it does. But still good for practicing.

K&M Stands 16415.000.55 Harmonica holder – black

This is a classic. If you wanna play guitar and harp or just another instrument and blues harp simultaneously, you wanna get a harmonica holder. It’s not the most convenient position your head has ever been in, but I guess to gotta make the sacrifice.

Hohner 550 Puck Harmonica – Key of C

this is the harp you can take everywhere. Not even as big as your pinkie. There was a time, when I was so excited about blues harps, that I would literally throw this little harp in my backpack everywhere I would go. Because in my mind, there was always gonna be a little time tor practicing my harp skills.


Everyone needs a good steel string. So this is mine. Gotta admit, that I didn’t really find my version or model, so maybe only similar stuff.

Fender GA-45SCE Grand Auditorium Acoustic Electric Guitar w/ Case | eBay

This is my main guitar. Didn’t find it in new. Only this eBay version, which is refurbished. It’s a really good guitar. Completely new it cost around 300-400 I guess. It’s been in use for 6 to 7 years and it’s still in great shape – as it should be. If you treat your guitar well, I should never brake just from using it properly. The thing that used to annoy me and still does: there are two different systems of holding the strings in place with acoustic western guitars. And this one is with pins. The thing is: these plastic pins jump out all the time, cause the traction they cause is just to low. What you really want for changing your strings is the second system: where you just plug in the end of your string to the holding mechanism. The strings have a small piece of metal at the end and this is what holds them in place. So when it comes to changing the strings: the pin system is just not great at all.

Fender Road Worn Strap – Deluxe Distressed Brown Leather with Tooled Road Worn Logo

I have a different one. But didn’t find it out there. But this one looks pretty dope.

Jim Dunlop Dunlop 37083002001 83CB Acoustic Trigger Capo, Curved, Black

Got this one. But it isn’t good, cause the doesn’t always press the strings all the way down. So don’t buy it, even though I did.

Planet Waves Capo CP04NS

This capo is just dope. It’s the best I own. But this one instead of the other one above.

View on Musikhaus Thomann


What I own to record.

Zoom H6 Six-Track Portable Recorder

It’s one of the best options to ‘just record’ without worrying that much about everything. Once you set up the position and leveled the built-in microphones out, there is not that much that can go wrong in my opinion. I really think that this is one great device. Of course, it’s not that cheap, but you can just plug it into your mini USB cable and you are ready to go.

Steinberg Cubase Elements 9.5 Recording Software (Retail Box Version)

Steinberg Wavelab Elements 9.5 Retail


Covers all the stuff i own for amplifying & my electric guitar itself

Harley Benton SC-Custom VB

Don’t have the exact same version, but almost the same. So I can only talk about the one I have, which is also a Harley Benton of the exact type as this one, only mine has four knobs and the position is different. So I guess it’s pretty much the same. A few years ago, when I got this guitar, I didn’t really like the guitar, until I learned that some of the big players used guitars that looked very similar to mine. CCR for example. The sound isn’t that soft, more on the harder side. Didn’t find this on amazon on eBay, only in a german music store.

Fender Custom Shop Performance Series Cable (Straight-Right Angle) for electric guitar, bass guitar, electric mandolin, pro audio

Didn’t find my own cables on the internet. But I use this one frequently and they are quite good. In my opinion, you should always go for the straight-right angle version, cause on one end you will need it.

Fender Frontman FM 212R

Love this one. Was my first and is still my only amplifier. But there are smaller ones out there with better effects than the ones on this one already built-in, so I wouldn’t go for that option anymore.

You need another one if you have an effect device.


This one is quite useful. Haven’t figured it out completely yet, cause you can program your own effects and stuff with it. The preset channels are not the best of the best though.

ChromaCast CC-MINIGS Universal Folding Guitar Stand with Secure Lock

If you already have an acoustic one, you can also use the acoustic one. But you can’t use this one for acoustic guitars, cause acoustic guitars have much thicker bodies.


This is what I would recommend for someone who wants to try out playing the guitar, but doesn’t want to invest that much into it. Just trying it out.

LAGRIMA Beginners Acoustic Guitar w/Guitar Case, Strap, Tuner & Pick Steel Strings (Brown)

Finally found it! Searched a lot for this entry-level guitar, cause I bought it a while ago especially just for tuning this one differently. In my opinion, this is the perfect guitar for beginners. You can’t do anything wrong with this guitar, as long as you don’t break it. Thing is: although you might think a guitar this cheap should be crap, it isn’t. It’s actually quite usable. Or if you have already a good guitar and you don’t wanna use your good one to play next to the campfire, then this would also be your way to go.


All the picks I got for my guitars.

Fender 351 Shape Touring Picks (12 Pack) for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and bass

mySimple Products Unique & Custom [Medium Gauge – Traditional Style Semi Tip] Hard Luxury Guitar Pick Made of Genuine BloodWood “Red Colore

You really gotta try out some wooden picks. They sound just different, but i like the kinda dull sound.


If you wanna check out these things on Kit, here you go:

So that’s a wrap! These were not really all of the things I own when it comes to music, since I did this Kit some time ago. But still, I got all the things above. Maybe just a little bit more nowadays.


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