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who should choose an instrument to learn. Because he had to. Because someone close to him already played the drums, he also wanted to. But wasn’t allowed to. Because the instrumental horizon of this little boy wasn’t spectacularly broad, he chose the second instrument, he also already knew, which would be: the guitar. Which, very conveniently and surprisingly at the same time his Grandfather already played. Arrangements were made, and, even still in kindergarten, he began to play the guitar.

The first few years weren’t fun, struggling with small hands and a very big guitar, not two items to be combined with, his skills as well as his hands began to grow, but not as fast as he wished they would have. But after two or three years of playing very strictly almost every single day, the little boy got better. And then it hit him, like a meteorite: it also can be fun?! The years went by and eventually, the somewhat unusual duett of Grandfather and Grandson began to play on small occasions, both eager to show off their skills. More like, the Grandfather eager to show off his student’s skill. The student not so much.

Over the years they kept playing together and even though for many years using the own voice to make used seemed like the oddest concept in the world, only a thing girls and other girly companions strange enough to try it, eventually: he tried it. And pretty much sucked at it. But he kept singing. And singing. And singing. And still, the boy isn’t very good at it. And now: no fast forward to today, because the big change never happened. But after years of thinking about making music not only for himself, he eventually realized, that he and his skills would never be good enough. Because being good enough is not an absolute criterion, but a relative one. Which depends on the perspective of the one to judge.

So he began to try not to judge anymore. And to go public. He searched up the coolest name he could come up with, that still had some left spaces in the google search, combined it with this concept he liked so much. The concept of dreaming. Dreaming up everything. Dreaming about how things could be. And maybe trying to make them a reality. But because there always seemed so many ideas floating around in his head, the thought of having more than one materialized. The possibility, to realize not only one dream but even more, maybe four, five dreams. MAYBE FOURFIVEDREAMS?


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