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Everything connected to the harps I got.

HOHNER Blues Harp Ms – Key Of A

This is my main and best one. The Key of A: works for blues in E if you play the blues scale. You can also use it for playing straight in A.

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Swan Harmonica Set of 12. 10 Hole, 20 Tone Diatonic Blues Harp Harmonicas – Plays in 12 Keys. Chromed Silver & Black. Comes with Luxury G

Let’s be honest: You need different keys of harps. So this set covers almost everything. Of course, if the whole set is as cheap as a single MS Hohner, the quality of the sound could be suffering. And it does. But still good for practicing.

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K&M Stands 16415.000.55 Harmonica holder – black

This is a classic. If you wanna play guitar and harp or just another instrument and blues harp simultaneously, you wanna get a harmonica holder. It’s not the most convenient position your head has ever been in, but I guess to gotta make the sacrifice.

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Hohner 550 Puck Harmonica – Key of C

This is the harp you can take everywhere. Not even as big as your pinkie. There was a time, when I was so excited about blues harps, that I would literally throw this little harp in my backpack everywhere I would go. Because in my mind, there was always gonna be a little time tor practicing my harp skills.

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